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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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tern general kathleen kane is now a convicted criminal, what her team says about whether she will finally resign. eagles tickets, how about a new have roof, this morning, philadelphia's district attorney is in hot water, just how much did he admit to taking in gift? the answer is coming up next. a sports person has died to all this heat scott williams is tracking our forecast and has a look what we can expect today. it is tuesday august 162,016th. so, i saw on twitter, twitter, we have to confirm witt scott, i don't know if it is true, i think nasa says that july was like the hottest month the earth has seen. >> scott, please verify. >> that is certainly right. temperatures across the globe have been warming we are in the middle of our fifth heat
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wave and it will continue as we press throughout your tuesday. so weather by the numbers on the scale of one to ten today is definitely not a ten. we will give it the a seven. it will be hazy, hot, humid, couple pop up showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon but feels like temperatures this is dangerous category. looking at ultimate doppler you cane down the shore a couple of showers diminishing moving away from ocean county nothing is severe but we certainly have that tropical moisture when you step outdoors this morning. it will feel like a sauna. seventy-seven right now feels like temperature at 78. look at the temperatures already. seventy-six in dover. seventy-seven in trenton. seventy-two in allentown. we are looking at mid 70's in reading, berks county. what about the current feels like temperatures. not that bad this morning but once again we will climb in the 90's, triple digit feels like temperatures by this afternoon. with once again we have a excessive heat warning on i-95 corridor for feels like temperatures between 105 to
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111, when we catch a break, bob kelly, coming up. 105, crazy, as we get started here 4:02, already 79 degrees and we have a situation on i-95. here's what i found out happened overnight, a car, was off to the shoulder here, penndot truck pulled up, and knocked on the window and person in the car was deceased. this is i-95 northbound right at the off ramp to the betsy ross bridge. now, it is not an accident but an accident or an investigation we will call it, the off ramps to the betsy ross are opened, i-95 northbound is opened. what you are seeing here is what is left of the emergency vehicles, i-95 was closed at one point about a half an hour ago, so, if you are leaving the house and heading north on i-95 leaving center city you have construction there as you roll through bet thecy ross and at off ramp watch for that police activity. crews did not show up last
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night to shut down vine expressway. they are working above on the parkway but, the vine street expressway is opened, to vehicle traffic here for the morning. no problems, coming in on the schuylkill, turnpike, northeast extension looking good and again with the regional rails there have been service adjustments so check out septa's web site to make sure that you have the correct timetable. we have a link to the septa's web site on our web site the at fox, chris and lauren, back over to you. kathleen kane is waking up a quick felon, jury taking just a few hours to find kane guilty of all counts in her corruption trial. >> now kane has to deciding whether she will step down as state attorney general. steve keeley is live in montgomery county at the courthouse with more on this. steve, good morning. >> reporter: there is no decision as all, she can't get anything done so expect a resignation as early as today. she went out back door here last night but she may go through front gate of the
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prison. >> you look at the situation that we had here and it seemed like to we had somebody that felt like she was above the law and that is not the case because in one is above the law. >> verdict, conviction on all counts was a crushing blow i will not say otherwise but we have not lost our resolve. we will continue this litigation, we will continue this fight because we believe that our client was wrongfully a accused of her his conduct. >> reporter: it sound like more legal bills from him and more legal wrangling from the kane team hoping to keep her out of prison and keep sentencing from happening over next three months when the judge said he would do this. the judge said, he would lock her up, immediately, if she tried to contact any of the witnesses, she's 50 years old, chris and lauren, what does she face, as much as seven years on these nine counts that she was quick, all of
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them most serious felony perjury counts. this is somebody who took a public oath of office to up hold the law. >> steve, thank you. governor tom wolf says kane should resign immediately. he released a a statement that read in part quote implore attorney general kane to do what is right: put the commonwealth's residents first and step down from office. pretty strong words, and, now to a new report that philadelphia d.a. seth williams disclosed $150,000 worth of gifts. >> information that was left out of the mandatory financial statement, and take a lot at cover of the daily news. it receipts seth taking, pricey trips, and eagles tickets. the philadelphia inquirer reports those gifts totaling more than $160,000 worth of personal and professional gifts. the paper says that williams released the statements in an effort to be transparent. the gift were accepted between 2010 and 205, last december our very own jeff cole asked
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williams if he ever used campaign fund in a way that would have been a mistake? williams said he had not. spokesmen for district attorney's office referred to us the williams campaign office for a comment on that new report. in you decide 2016 hillary clinton back in philadelphia today. >> democratic presidential candidate is hoping to encourage more people to register to vote. dave kinchen on this story live outside west philadelphia high schools where crowds are speculate ter day with mrs. clinton. >> reporter: philadelphia is very big for hillary clinton during her coronation at democratic presidential nominee, she will be rallying now in west philadelphia, meeting with supporters and volunteers, launching a voter registration effort in pennsylvania perhaps the most contested path will ground state between clinton and trump. democratic presidential
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nominee will continue her message of being stronger together while talking jobs, and the economy. clinton campaigned with joe biden yesterday, appeal to white working democrats. biden took on his role as 2008 vp candidate the role of the a tack dog and ripped into donald trump saying he is unfit to lead. >> someone with that judgment cannot be followed. a guy that follows me right back here has the nuclear codes. god forbid that i had to make a decision the code are here. he is not qualified to know the codes. he can't be trusted. >> clinton's campaign says her philadelphia visit is about getting vote tours register ahead of the october 11th deadline. clinton lead trum in pa by more than nine personal points in the real clear politics average of the poles. clinton is battling back from allegations, and statements by house republicans laying out their perjury allegations against her, dealing with the state department, e-mail scandal and statements made by the fbi director as well.
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that saga certainly continues while hillary clinton is on the campaign trail right here in philadelphia. back to you. >> dave, back to you. on the other side of the aisle in, young town, ohio donald trump lays out his plans for combating terrorism and isis. republican presidential nominee calls his immigration system extreme vetting. plan increased screening for immigrant including a questionnaire to make sure that they support american values, his word, trump says he would temporarily suspend immigration from nations with a history of exporting terrorism. authorities say a fourth heat related death has been recorded in philadelphia spokesmen for city's medical examiner's office says heat was a factor this is death of the seven two-year old west philadelphia man whose other conditions included diabetes, hypertension and obesity. officials earlier say heat was a factor in the death of the 59 year-old north philadelphia man, abe a 67 year-old north philadelphia woman and a eight two-year old northeast philadelphia woman. in addition to those four deaths during this current heat wave, there have been
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four other heat-related deaths this year. remember, city has a heat line to help if you are having trouble in the extreme temperatures, health department nurses are manning the phones, the number 215-765-9040. you will also find more information on fox in berks county new information about a family of five killed in the murder/suicide, the district attorney's office says father and husband mark short was the one to pull the trigger on his wife, megan and their three children. leana, mark junior and willow before turning the gun on himself. fingerprint and note left behind provided clues in the case. police say couple was breaking up and megan was set to move out the day she and the kid were killed. berks county community has been immediately gripped by grief. >> these children were young and whenever we lose youthful,
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innocent human beings, it is never easy for a community to recover from that. >> in july, investigators say police responded to the couple's sinking spring home for domestic incident no charges file. police is a very next day mark short went out and purchased a hand gun. he had a recent demotion at work and knew his wife was going to leave him. d.a. could not say whether or not mark short had a diagnosed mental illness. a 78 year-old woman who died after police say she was hit by a car, this happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon at intersection of the 15th and locust, police say woman was in the crosswalk when she was hit. she was rushed to jefferson hospital where she died. police say driver of that car did stay on the scene. philadelphia police identified teenage boy shot and killed sunday in broad daylight. someone pulled trigger on the 16 year-old in rodney anderson on the 2,000 block of east orleans street in kensington. first responders found him shot in the back in the car.
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he died at temple university hospital. police are still searching for a weapon and suspects. a 4:00 is 11. philadelphia police caught one of the two men behind a string of robberies of asian businessness philadelphia more than a dozen were caught on camera. this man anthony campbell is still on the loose. campbell and normal bowens seen there on the right, of ice business owners since may. on social media campbell's family ape friend are urging him to turn himself in. business owners just want to see both of these guys behind bars. >> i'm still a frayed. it is sill not safe. >> campbell appeared to respond to facebook comments saying he might turn himself in today. we will wait and see. push to clean up a local community threatens a piece of history battle to save a south jersey home with ties to our country's civil rights fight. and a big return to philadelphia, chase utley,
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back in the city of propertierly love, since being traded what the phillies are planning to do to show him some love as he helped here to play. here's a key.
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this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. good morning at 4:14 on this tuesday morning. a historic hose where martin luther king once lived could be demolish. >> that community activist cannot come up with a plan to save it.
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house is on walnut street owned by relatives of the doctor king's roommate and seminary school. family still has fun memories of the time doctor king spent in that home. >> i do know that doctor king lived here. >> yes. >> he was in seminary school. >> you remember him being there. >> yes, definitely. >> clear memory. >> yes, very clear. >> the house has been listed as imminently dangerous by the city of camden and must be either immediately repaired or demolished. the family has applied for historic status with the historical preservation society. if a proved federal bounding or repair could be made available. >> i would that would constitute historical. >> i would say so. >> mr. williams, another hot one today. >> yeah, we're looking at triple h's again, yesterday's high was 94. today looks like day seven of our fifth owe rest i have, and dangerous heat wave, across the area. so it continues for your tuesday. a couple pop up showers and
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thunderstorms by this afternoon and once again it is a long duration heat wave, so really starting to take a toll across the delaware valley. as we go area wide 95 for the high in center city with that heat danger, down the shore hot and humid, high of 90, lehigh valley, not escaping the heat, temperatures top out at 93 degrees. looking at ultimate doppler most of the area is dry but we have been tracking a couple spotty showers down the shore, little disturbance moving off to the north and east but in the meantime through today we have a excessive heat warning along i-95 corridor feels like temperatures touring the afternoon between 105 through 111, in it or range, north and west, advisory category feels like temperatures near 100 likewise for much of the south jersey and down the shore. 77 degrees right now, feels like 78, right now is the coolest part of the day. seventy-five right the now in millville. seventy-seven in trenton. so once again that big bermuda
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high continues to act like a heat pump, wind south today will a will you for those temperatures to climb and a couple of pop up showers and downpours. so here's the bottom line a steamy start, by noon, 90. dangerous heat by 4:00 in the afternoon, a high of 95 degrees. we will keep 92 in the forecast for tomorrow and then we're calling it not as hot. as we move toward thursday and friday, temperatures back in the upper 80's. a couple of pop up storms sunday into monday. >> good morning, 4:17, tuesday up and adam as we look live at roosevelt boulevard, left over crews, still working, and, we have arrows out, and down to one lane, light volume so far but in any of the area where we hit area majors this next half an hour crews are still out there, north bound i-95 good news accident investigation, cleared up, all lanes opened 95 north and the ramps to the betsy ross bridge
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opened up as well. using mass transit again, services adjustments on the following four lines from over the weekend, they have also added a couple of new trains to the warminster line so just check, septa's updated schedule. again every week they have tweaked things a little bit, time-wise, could be only a difference of five minutes but big difference if that five minute train is your train. lets go to fox, we have all of the links there guess who is coming for lunch? hillary clinton today campaign event as we heard from dave at forty-ninth and chestnut. event time is set for 1:15 but i think doors will open up around 11:00. lunchtime met or cade madness along forty-ninth and chestnut here later today. vine street expressway is opened for business this morning, they did not close it. so coming into downtown you are good to go aboveground here they are still working on the parkway, right there at in front of the cathedral downtown here. chris and lauren, back over to you. police in burlington
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county new jersey are investigating a crash that left one person dead, sky fox over the scene along beyond son place road in wood land township around noon time yesterday. you can see what is left of that car that hit a tree right there. state police have not released identity of the person who died. a violent robbery at girard park all caught on camera and police are hoping it will lead them to the bad guy. it happened last week at 6:00 o'clock in the morning in the 1100 block of south 23rd street at dollar general. police say robber encountered an employee outside forced her inside the store, after a short struggle he forced her to open up a safe and hanover money. if you have any information you are asked to call police. philadelphia resident met with members of the the law enforcement the last night to thank them for their service. dozens came out for back the blue rally, it was also a march in south philadelphia to show support for our cities officers and law enforce amount cross the country. event organized by a group called taking our south philadelphia streets back. the crowd gathered at mar
4:20 am
connie park. most held up flags and support of police. >> we stand with the police officers and people that want police in our city, to keep our city streets clean and safe. >> all lives matter at the even of the day. no specific color. >> a small group of peaceful protesters showed up holding signs, things became disorderly when they stood in front of the police supporters. eventually police diverted those protesters. northampton county man facing charges after prosecutors say he broke the rules at a gun club and sent bullets flying in homes. timothy fry facing charges. prosecutors say to people who live near the stockerton rod and gun club told police that their homes were being hit the by bullets. one of them came right in the bedroom. prosecutors say surveillance video from the gun club shows fry breaking the rules, shooting the gun in restrict
4:21 am
areas. >> the shots were a direct result of him not being in the designated areas and shooting outside of those designated areas. we're confident if people used the gun according to the rules, and regulations, there should not be any shots that with go into homes in the future. >> district attorney says the club improved it facility a few years back to keep bull frets hitting homes. the club has revoked fry's membership. pennsylvania supreme court dealt a big blow to the philadelphia's school reform commission yesterday. court ruled commission did not have power to cancel teacher contracts. lower court had already sided with the philadelphia federation of teachers against src's move in october 204 to cancel contracts and change teachers health plan. src said it was trying to save money. ruling holds that teachers contracts fall outside commission's powers. all right. back in philadelphia. >> chase utley makes his grand return to the city of brotherly love sips being
4:22 am
traded to the dodgers. >> yeah. also speaking of sports on the side line since carson wentz is out with that injury to his rib, you know, he was injured in the first preseason game, eagles have come up with a way to help him continue to learn while on the side lanes we will explain next. >> but first your winning lottery numbers.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
4:25 am
eagles have one day left of training camp that is left today before they go into a regular season practice schedule. carson wentz got smoke in the game thursday night on a blitz and i'm told he has two fractured ribs not just one. most teams don't blitz in the preseason games. either way he got hit good which caused fractures. what he does a at practice is watch, likely not will play in the game until final preseason game on september 1st. >> you can get mental reps and film study, you can still interact with the players. maybe even more extent, interacting with the receivers, talking about what you expect as a quarterback. we certainly expect no slowing down the process as far as growing mentally. >> the nfl means business when it comes to the use of performance enhancing drugs. nfl issued warnings to the steelers james harrison, clay matthews and julius peppers. if they don't come into the
4:26 am
interview of the purchase of ped's by august 25th. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. well, former philly chase utley will be back in town tonight. >> dodgers opening up, with the phillies here in town against our phillies. utley playing back in philadelphia for first time since being traded last july and he is getting a special privilege as he goes to bat, he will walk up to his walk up song cashmere by led zeppelin, so as of right now, dodgers would be in the playoffs as a wild card team with the giants leading the western division, in the national the league by one game. but we all miss listening to chase come to the plate, listening to cashmere. >> he said yesterday they dent do this ever for visiting team only for home team layers. >> absolutely. >> this would be a little tribute to chase utley. >> he deserves that. >> yes. >> 2008 world championship, and then during the rally, dropped the f bomb and
4:27 am
everyone loved him ever since. all right. 4:27 this morning. philadelphia's top prosecutor now a convicted felon. >> and a judge has called her a flight risk, steve? >> reporter: bruce castor was district attorney in this building for years and he may be pennsylvania's attorney general, by the end of the day an office he once ran for.
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pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane is kane is guilty and why calls her a flight risk is what next for kane's political and personal future. the reason philadelphia's district attorney is facing backlash this morning. and seven days of deadly heat and four people are dead because of it, scott williams looks at your tuesday forecast. >> 4:30 is your time. thanks for joining us on this tuesday august 16th, 2016. >> when i turn on the ac when i get home it doesn't stop running it is cranking and going all day. >> talking about chase utley returning tonight with the dodgers in philadelphia. he probably doesn't miss this philadelphia weather. he is a los angeles kid. >> a lot cooler there. >> it is just not as humid. >> mr. williams, pinch hitting
4:31 am
here today. >> thanks for having me. >> we will continue to talk about this dangerous heat, yes, yesterday's high was 94. today's expect high temperature will be 95 degrees, making it, look at this 32nd, 90-degree or better day in philadelphia this year and day seven of our oppressive heat wave. bus stop buddy ready for the pool. temperatures in the 70's and 80's a muggy start and by this have afternoon 95 in center city. ninety down the shore. lower 90's in the lehigh valley. we are seeing a couple morning showers down here at the shore but temperature 77. it feels like 78 at this early hour and temperature pretty uniform mid to upper 70's. coming up we will talk about the entire forecast even the threat of severe weather by this afternoon and when that heat wave, will come to than a end, bob kelly. >> hey scottie good morning everybody. it is tuesday 4:31 as we get you up and adam, shoppers alert, lauren.
4:32 am
>> what? >> construction at king of prussia mall. >> nice. >> lets hope it is completed by 10:00 a.m. this is 202 right here near gulf road doing some work up there getting ready for all that extra volume that will hit with that new expansion of the mall and north on i-95, we had an early morning situation, accident investigation all lanes are opened, south on i-95 just watch for construction crews at cottman and then again at girard. we have service adjustments on septa's west trenton media elwyn warminster and lansdale doylestown line so make sure you have an updated schedule. they have added two new trains to the lansdale doylestown line one this morning 6:23 that will leave out of the penlynn station and another one at 4:10 leaving out of the suburban station and campaign event, hillary clinton coming to town. dave will have more on this. watch for delays around the lunchtime hour in west philadelphia. otherwise, all of the bridges and mass transit looking g chris and lauren, back over to
4:33 am
you. pennsylvania's top law enforcement official, well, she's now a quick felon. >> jury finding kathleen kane guilty on all count so what is next for kane's political and personal future? steve keeley live with more, hi there, steve. >> reporter: from the most powerful prosecutor in pennsylvania, to prosecutor herself for perjury each count, two of them carry terms of the seven years. jury got the case here just before 4:00 p.m. and came back with nine guilty verdicts on all counts before the clock struck nine here on the courthouse. >> sad day for the commonwealth, the chief law enforcement officer of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, the attorney general has been convicted of crimes involving abuse of power and lying under oath. >> for my client and her family, it is a tragic, beyond any measure and something that
4:34 am
she has to deal with. she's a very strong woman and she will deal with this. >> reporter: no date yet set for sentence but sometime the judge said in the next nine days. judge warned her not the to try to do what she was said to have done so many times while in office, retaliate against anyone while still somehow clinging to her job for the next few hours, likely, the judge another woman listen up the ranks of the legal law and justice ladder, gave kane a stern, strict warning, there is to be absolutely no reretaliation of any kind against any witness in this case. she warned she will be immediately lock up and also have her bail revoke, chris and lauren. >> thanks very much. now to a new report about philadelphia district attorney seth williams, new ferry leased williams disclosed more than $150,000, worth of gifts. >> that information, lauren is
4:35 am
talking about was left out of mandatory financial statements. take a look at the cover of the daily news thaws read seth taking pricey trips and eagles tickets. philadelphia inquirer reports these gifts totaling more than $160,000 range from personal to professional, paper says williams released the statement in an effort to be transparent, gifts were accepted between 2010 through 2015, last december, our jeff cole asked williams if he ever used campaign fund in the way that would have been mistaken? williams said he had not. spokesmen for the district attorney's office referred us to williams campaign office for comment on the new report. now to some breaking news out of mexico where investigators say at least ten people were kidnaped by armed men during a party at a popular restaurant in pure toville art a. it could be gang related according to a mexican paper. they ran away as they saw
4:36 am
armed men approaching the place. we will bring you more on this story as soon as its becomes available. in you decide 2016 hillary clinton making a campaign stop in philadelphia. >> democratic presidential candidates hoping to encourage more people to register to vote. dave kinchen live outside west philadelphia high school where she's expected to be later today, hi there, dave. >> it is a little bit of get out to vote and lets get this done, on ward to november where hillary clinton was the democratic nominee for president. she's coming back to rally with supporters and meet with voter registration people as they get their efforts out in the most contested battle ground state between clinton and trump, the democratic presidential nominee is continuing her message of being stronger together while talking jobs and the economy, clinton campaign with vice-president joe biden in scranton yesterday, appealing to white working class democrats there, and they both pounded on donald trump's foreign policy position
4:37 am
including his military strategy against isis. >> he is talking about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well, that is off the table as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: clinton's campaign says that her philadelphia visit business getting voters to register ahead of the october 11th deadline. clinton lead trum in pennsylvania by more than nine points according to a real clear politics average of polls and clinton is continuing to battle back against allegations of perjury as house republicans laid out their perjury position against her in the whole e-mail scandal. back to you. >> dave kinchen live in west fill high school, thanks very much. interesting to go see how big crowd are there. also, talking about donald trump and, of course, his new position when it comes to combating terrorism. he made announcement yesterday in youngstown ohio a about his fight begins terrorism and
4:38 am
isis. republican presidential nominee calls the proposed immigration system called extreme vetting. it increasing screens for immigrants including a questionnaire to make sure that they support american values. trump said he would temporarily suspend immigration from nations with a history of exporting terrorism. developing out of milwaukee another night of protests rocked that city, just how many people were arrested this time.
4:39 am
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police make six arrests during another night of violent protests, tensions seem to be easing after, several nights of violence, officials say, there was in property detroit or rioting last night after previous two night left businesses up in flames. protests have erupted in response to deadly police shooting of 23 year-old smith, who was shot during a traffic stop after, officers say he ran away and turn toward them with the gun in the hand. police chief says he is surprised at level of unrest but has seen an improvement. we did have confrontation was individuals that were heated, we made half dozen arrests, and that seems to have some many pack but again, we had folks from the community, step forward, to take a leader ship role in reducing tensions within the groups assembled. >> police say that the 10:00 p.m. curfew for those 18 and younger seemed to work
4:42 am
well. keeping up, fire fighters safe, what they now to have do that makes fire fighters not be injured on the job.
4:43 am
4:44 am
can you hear about this, several people injured after a camera and its cable, it fell right there in olympic park. >> seven people suffered minor injuries after aerial camera came down from 65 feet high. one witness seen the caping hitting two girls.
4:45 am
camera was operate by olympic broadcasting service. they said all of those injured have received medical attention and authorities are now investigating. wow. >> okay. >> it was a really disappointing night for simone biles. >> when you watch this, it is hard to watch, right. her chase for five gold medal end with a bronze for a beam and she struggled with a portion of her routine. she had to grab on to the beam so she would not fall off. we will see that? >> let's just hold on. she will turn the other direction and she will lose her balance. >> no good her teammate laurie hernandez, did better, thankingfully, she got a silver for her routine. whether a race for women's 400-meter, it came down to the very end with a final dive across the finish line, lets
4:46 am
take a look. >> felix with one final surge, it will be tight. it will be a dive by miller for the line and she... >> this isn't a pool competition. >> you get across finish line, check that out i don't know if she tripped or fault but that was runner from the bohamas takes the dive at finish line, she beats allison felix anal son felix had to take home silver. she was supposed to win. >> i have a question. >> go ahead. >> so what part has to cross finish line your head, your chest. >> it doesn't matter as long as your body. >> fingertips. >> yes. >> so allison felix was supposed to win, everyone thought she would win and she loses because of the dive at finish line. >> that is a tough race, the 400, she didn't qualify for 200 so that was her only individual race. you want to win something
4:47 am
immediately, a team medal is good but you want a individual. >> you are not about the new team. >> of course, you where the team. >> hey, did you recognize i'm lauren dawn johnson. >> no, i don't care about that. >> there is no i in team. >> lets see medal count for u.s., we're on top, right. look at those team medals, 75, that includes 26 gold, 23 silver, 26 bronze, china in second, 46, overall. great britain 41, russia those stupid cheaters with 35. welshing scott, it looked like it rained in rio, cooled off there but it is winter in rio. >> it is actually warmer here then it is there. we have higher humidity as well. talk about that dive. it is trending on social media and been doing so all night and probably all day today folks talking about that. we will continue with temperatures well a would have average. heat wave rolls rolls on. ninety-five with a high this
4:48 am
afternoon, pop up showers and thunderstorms. some of them could be severe, looking at ultimate doppler we have a couple spotty showers overnight down the shore, that disturbance moving away off to the west is our next disturbance and trent bringing these downpours this afternoon. 77 degrees right the now is the current temperature in philadelphia we have 75 millville. seventy-five in reading. sixty-four in the poconos mountains. we have that excessive heat warning right along the i-95 corridor and surrounding suburbs, feels like temperatures, 105 to 111. so during the heat of the day, we're talking about a slight chance you could see parts of the south jersey, north and west, with some damaging wind and maybe some hail as we watch for development of those showers and then are storms in addition to the dangerous heat. the high temperature, once again, by this afternoon 95 degrees. if you are heading to citizens bank park it will be humid 90 degrees. there could be a pop up shower or then are storm.
4:49 am
what about road conditions on this tuesday morning? bob kelly? >> hey scottie, good morning. 4:48. we are in good shape as far as major roadways, they are still working at downtown here as we say good morning to the ben franklin parkway, right in front of the cathedral there with the fountains come this to play there. here's the deal, they have that center lanes of the parkway blocked as you approach the cathedral there as part of the reconstruction of the vine expressway. the vine is opened, however so that is good news for folks coming into center city this morning. the here's left over work crew on the northbound lanes of the boulevard right here near wissohickon. so for maybe next local half an hour as crews begin to wrap things up look out, heading out the front door. ben franklin looking good. in problems up and over area bridges. coming from south jersey, 42, 55, this problems or delays heading up toward philadelphia using mass transit, keep in
4:50 am
mind service adjustments, west trenton, media elwyn, warminster and lansdale doylestown line and two new trains added on the lansdale doylestown line for the morning a 6:23 out of pen lynn and afternoon gang a 4:10 train leaving suburban station, chris and lauren back over to you. philadelphia fire fighters are heading to the doctor. >> first time in decade fire fighters in philadelphia have to get a physical. new mandate now says every fire fighter must get a physical every two years. before the new rules fire fighters were only getting physicals before promotions and new hires. there was concern that the result of the physical could force a fire fighter off a job but in the new contract there have have been safe guard put in place. according to fire fighters with medical conditions that prevent them from doing their regular jobs can be placed on light or restrict duty. in new jersey may soon be permitted to serve food and
4:51 am
beverages. >> right now that is banned by the state. interesting. lawmakers are pushing a bill to put an end to the prohibition, refreshments could be served or catered for, friend or family of the deceased. funeral directors say coming together to break bread is a costume that is important in times of grief. opponents worried that accommodating food would distract funeral directors from celebrating life. >> so amazon is taking that one click order to go a whole new level. >> speaking of food on line giant will let customers order food as they watch it being made on the cooking show. will it be warm when it arrives ? only launching in japan for now, well, sushi, there you go. it doesn't have to be warm. they will debut a cooking show on the prime stream and then you can get that sent to your door. latest from amazon which is pushing its dash button which you can literally push to reorder house hold supplies such as laundry detergent and food. cooking show food delivery
4:52 am
service starts this fall. >> let me know how that falls when you go to japan. >> i have never been. >> me either. shake shack is offering up two huge deals, okay. what they are and where you can only get one of these deals, next. all right. because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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keep your head up, keep your mind strong and keep your hair long. >> well, my hair is not long. >> work on that. >> extra long lines for drivers in new jersey trying to get service at motor vehicle commission. problem caused the computers to shut down for several hours yesterday. some say they had to wait in line for an hour and a half, isn't that sort of normal in some is places. officials got computer systems backup and running but it took time to catch up. are you in the hood, you love to eat, so anything free, food is your cup of tea. >> i'm starving right now. >> how about a free burger. >> head to one of the valley's shake shack location is today. we should say delaware valley. shake shack restaurant will be handing out the free burgers, free burgers from 10:30 in the in the morning until noon. you have an hour and a half. burgers normally cost $5.29. here's the deal for lauren
4:56 am
dawn johnson who does not eat beef, vegetarian options the srroom burger is part of the promotion. shake shack is giving them away to celebrate its 100th location. burger joint is offering up a four course meal today at university city location. only that location. it will be paring up with yards brewing company, offerings, however, that is not cheap, all right. this four course meal with the beer is 35 bucks for that. >> you can get a salad with that pizza next time you order from dominoes. company has announced with ready pack foods and it will deliver salad nationwide. there are three prepackage options, classic garden, chicken caesar and chicken apple pecan and it is part of the company's land to broaden the appeal of the menu amid intense scrutiny due to strong competition from other restaurants and retailers, including grocery stores. >> good to get some greens. >> yes. >> coming up next at 5:00 another dangerous day of
4:57 am
heat expected to grip this area we will let you know if there is relief in sight. verdict is in, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is guilty, we will tell you what could be next for the state's top prosecutor. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles.
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wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! this morning a verdict was reached last night. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane, guilty on all charges, what she could now be
5:00 am
autopsy against as the case moves forward. another law maker in hot water, philadelphia's district attorney seth williams making way with pretty pricey campaign gifts. that is the accusation, just how much did he admit to taking. hillary clinton returns to philadelphia today, what she is hoping to encourage people to do ahead of the election. we're in the middle of the heat wave yet again and it turned deadly yet again. number of deaths now blamed in the rising temperatures. good day, it is hid will of august the 16th, 2016, thanks for waking up with us. >> we have to wish sue serio a happy birthday. she's off but today is her birthday as well as madonna, and who was the other person she shares a birthday with. >> and steve carroll. >> um-hmm. >> and who else, di. >> elvis's death anniversary is also today. >> i will never for get that day in 1977. i had gone to t


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